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The newest calendar for 2015: "Just Germany"

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Bavarian Ceilings and Organs Calendars Bavarian Ceilings and Organs Calendars

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Great news!

Finally, the indexing issue at Zazzle has been fixed and it's now possible to access all our calendars (which are all valid for 2015 - ignore the covers on this page that show 2014!) directly from the online store fronts or through the search engine at Zazzle.

So it's all thumbs up and go for www.organcalendars.com




2015 calendars are in stock.

All calendars include organs big and small from around the world; famous and not-so-well known. Although some years have included shots of the churches and concert halls where the organs are found, as well as shots of the cities and countryside around, later ones have concentrated on just the organ façades. The great thing about many of our calendars is that you can chose what style you want - no dates, or with dates, modern grid layouts, different coloured spiral binding, large, medium or small. You can even add your own text to the pages! Click the customise button on the Zazzle website and make it so much more personal.

Just in Germany - the newest calendar!

The beauty of the pipe organs in Germany is well known - both for their appeal to the ear as well as to the eye. Here is a collection of 12 taken from around Germany, including one that is the oldest playable organ in the world, at Ostönnen, dating from 1425. Each in their unique way appeal for their grandeur, colours, majesty, simplicity - but all are without doubt fine examples of the King of Instruments. This would be a perfect gift for any music lover. The organs include: St Wenzel Naumburg, Stiftskirche Stuttgart, Himmerod Abbey, Merseburg Cathedral, Worms Cathedral, St Wendel's Basilica, Preacher's Church, Erfurt, St Clemens Münster, St Jodokus Bielefeld, St Andreas Ostönnen,Stadtkirche Celle, St Lambertus Münster.

French flair calendar

French Flair - Organs of France

The range and variety of pipe organs in France is astounding; from the early classical, through the baroque and to the Romantic and modern, the styles are a never-ending source of fascination for the viewer, while the sounds of course, attract the listener. This calendar shows 12 such examples of the organ builders' art throughout France, and from several different centuries. This is a a calendar for music lovers as well as specifically for organists. Organs come from Paris, Béziers, Montpellier, Richelieu, Carcassonne, Sarlat, Comminges, Poitiers, Auch, and Rodez.


ceilings calendar

organ thumbs
Click on image to view photos

Series G - Bavarian Ceilings and Organs

Pipe organ cases in Bavaria, Germany, are world-famous for being highly ornate, elaborate, exuberant, and fine examples of baroque and rococo style. They were made to blend in with their surroundings in most instances, which were also part of an artist's showcase - Swirling patches of gold, white, blue, green, red with inset vignettes of scenes from the bible, all vividly depicted. These photographs - all new to our collection - celebrate that period where no expense was spared by artists and organ builders to give glory to God - and to try to make the most exquisite organ cases and ceilings in Europe. Organs and ceilings shown here come from the south German towns of: Schongau, Füssen, Scheidegg, Lindenberg, Wieskirche, Ottobeuren, Lindau, Rottenbuch, Wangen, Nesselwang, Steingaden, and Isny .


ceilings and casesback-cover-ceilings

Pipe Organs vertical A
"Ceilings and Cases"

(Click to view larger image of back cover)

Vertical format wall calendar

Series A - Ceilings and Cases

Fabulous looking organs frequently lurk in equally sumptuous or fascinating buildings such as grand cathedrals, abbeys, concert halls, and even smaller churches. So what better than to make a calendar that features such a happy blend of instrument and environment? And with this calendar there is a little empty space on each page for your own notes. The shining lights include the unique ceiling of Michaelsberg Abbey in Bamberg with its vaulted ceiling decorated with herbs and plants; the soaring palms leading to the pink and green in the Nicholaikirche in Leipzig continue a floral theme. The brightly-painted wood panels above the luminous Casavant organ in Quebec is in stark contrast to the vaulting of the Marktkirche in Halle. The exuberant paintings in the Klosterkirche St Georg in Ochsenhausen are typical of the Bavarian region as is the ceiling in St Peter's Basilika, Dillingen. Rather unusually but somehow appealing is the restored ceiling and organ of the Birmingham Town Hall - here the lighting joists mounted on transparent material make a work of art in their own right. Look at each month to see exactly which organs (and their ceilings!) make up this calendar.


2012 pipe organ calendarvertical pipe organ calendar D

Pipe Organs vertical B

Vertical format wall calendar

Series B

The third in our beautiful vertical series, these calendars have no holidays or moon phases etc to clutter up the spaces to write your own dates in. The images are taken from instruments around the world, large and small, old and new, and each page has a smaller image showing either the complete building the organ is in, or part of the organ itself.

The organs featuring in this new series are: Poitiers cathedral, Béziers Cathedral (France), Limburg, Dillingen, Riddagshausen (Germany); Albury and Wangaratta (Australia), Gouda, Breda (Netherlands) Blackburn and St Giles (UK), St Thomas (Leipzig, Germany). A must for the organ lover or the general music lover.


Pipe organs calendar #1

up close and personal pipe organ calendar

click on thumbnail image for the organs featuring on this calendar

Pipe Organ Wall Calendar # 1

Up Close and Personal

We all can see the magnificent facades of pipe organs in the cathedrals, churches and concert halls where they live; but few of us ever get close enough to get a good view of some of the amazingly intricate work around the pipes. The carving, painting and sculpture done by master craftsmen, some of them centuries ago, can be seen afresh in these close-up views of famous and other not so well-known "King of instruments".

Places that feature are : Munster, Seattle, Bread, Birmingham, Akaroa, Deventer, Groningen, Chester, Exeter, Oliwa, Halle.


pipe organ calendar 2013

pipe organs

Pipe organ calendar #10 for 2015

The Glory of pipe organs is back again for 2015, this time with a few changes and new organs inserted. The cover shows the amazing woodcarvings on the case of the famous Rodez Cathedral organ in France. Every month shows a different organ from around the world, and each has one or two little inserts of either the organ from a distance, or close up, or even the building in which it is found. Full of interest, not just for the organ lover! The organs included in this collection are: Carcassonne, Auxerrois(Paris), Beziers Cathedral , Albi Cathedral, Montpellier Cathedral (all France), Breda Grote Kerk (Netherlands, Christuskirche, Hamburg, (Germany), Hobart Town Hall (Australia), Birmingham Town Hall, Oxford Town Hall, Coventry Cathedral (England).

pipe organ calendar

organ calendar

Pipe Organ Wall Calendar # 9

Double Diapasons

Instead of the usual 12 images of organs, here you get 24! Each page has two photos of impressive and very different organ cases. The organs featured are from Sarlat, Cahors, Paris, St Bertrand de Cominges, Rodez, Poitiers, Auch (all France); Ulm, Erlangen, Leipzig, Wesel, Riddagshausen, Lubeck, Dillingen, Limburg, Hannover, Halle (All Germany), Tokyo (Japan), Brecon Cathedral (Wales), Rugby Street, Christchurch, New Zealand, Breda, Gouda, Deventer (all Netherlands; York (UK). Quite a selection here for the organ lover!


organ calendar

Click on thumbnail image for the organs featuring in this calendar

Pipe Organ Wall Calendar # 2

A Matter of Principals
A little pun to celebrate the ubiquitous Principal stop in a pipe organ! Again, another selection of diverse pipe organs from around the world, showing the majestic, awesome, frivolous and even down-right funny designs that are the delight of this king of instruments.

Organs featured in this collection come from Ochsenhausen, Munster, Halle, Oppenheim, Augsberg, Trier, Dillingen (all Germany); Groningen and Deventer (Netherlands); Limoges (France); and Dunedin (New Zealand). A feast for sore eyes and a perfect collection for the organ enthusiast.


organ calendar charm of pipes
(inside, showing Montpellier Cathedral organ for June)

Pipe Organ Wall Calendar # 3

A Charm of Pipes

A return of this delightful calendar, substantially re-worked to show the organs in their very best light! Old and new, big and not-so-big, These stunning Instruments are from the UK, Germany, France and Austria, and will be sure to delight any organ enthusiast.

The calendar #6 features the following organs:
Jacobi Kirche, and St Petri (both Hamburg, Germany); St Andreas, Hildesheim; Magdeburg Cathedral; St Stephanus, Filderstadt (all Germany); Great Witley; Oxford Town Hall (both England); St Roch, Paris; Montpellier Cathedral; St Hilaire, Poitiers; Albi cathedral (all France); St Jakob, Villach, Austria Cover shows organ in St Bertrand-de-Comminges, France

pipes of fancy pipes of fancy
Inside, showing January

Vertical format wall calendar

Series C "Pipes of Fancy"
Fantasy time for this calendar, where little twists of whim and a touch of photoshop make some extraordinary visions. Shows the US holiday dates clearly with plenty of space to write your appointments. Just a perfect calendar for musicians, and the stunning images make superb artwork in their own right. Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger image detailing the organs featured.

They come from: Deventer, Ulm, Christchurch, Ely, Leicester, Augsburg, Weisbaden, Wesel, Montpellier, Warsaw, Melbourne, Leipzig.

organ calendar 
(Inside, showing Ottobeuren for May)

Vertical format wall calendar

Series E

Magnificent organs from around the world are shown in this stunningly colourful calendar. With large uncluttered print, and with a small photo of the exterior of the hall or cathedral, or a small detail of the surroundings connected with the organ of the month, this make a fantastic gift for the organ music lover.

Organs featured are:
Grace Cathedral (USA), Altenberg Dom, Frauenkirche Nuremberg, St Goar (german only), Kiedrich, Ottobeuren Abbey,(Germany), Aix-en-Provence and St Eustache, Paris (France), Dunedin Cathedral (New Zealand) Exeter, Lincoln Cathedral Norwich Cathedrals and Nottingham Albert Hall (UK)

2013-D series organ calendar
(Inside, showing Tewkesbury Abbey for January)

Vertical format wall calendar

Series D

Artistically vignetted in a 19th-century style, each month shows an organ on a crisp white background. The inside view (left) shows the month of January, with the back view of Tewkesbury Abbey organ

Organs featured are:
Parisian organs of St Clotilde, St Etienne du Mont, St Eustache; St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, St Bartholomew's, Armley, Tewkesbury Abbey, St James, Kinnersley, St Michael's, Framlingham, Freiburg Cathedral, Bath Abbey, Oliwa Cathedral, St Mary's, Cleobury Mortimer.



Leicester organ

Pipe Organ Wall Calendar # 7

With a soft vignette giving an aura of antiquity, this calendar shows some of the less well-known organs from around the world, as well as three which are familiar to organists. See if you know which are which!

Places include: St Mang, Kempten, Rumia, Poland, St Mary's, Crick, St Andrew's, Hingham, Great Hall, Sydney University, Scots' Church, Melbourne, St Martin's Wangen, St Bartholomew's, Armley, De Montfort Hall, Leicester, St Michael's, Framlingham, St Blasien.



Christchurch pipe organ
(inside, showing Christchurch Town Hall organ for December)

Pipe Organ Wall Calendar # 5

Looking Up : An organist's view of pipe organs!

See what the organist sees - the sometimes overwhelming view of the world's largest instrument, as seen by the player. Big or small (by organ standards!) old or new, these shots are taken of organs from around the world.

Organs featured are: Sydney Town Hall, Salisbury, Dunblane, Fulda, St Andrew's, Sydney Cathedrals; Scots Church Melbourne, St Bartholomew's, Armley, Tewkesbury Abbey, De Montfort Hall, Leicester, St James, Kinnersley, St Michael's, Framlingham, Christchurch Town Hall.



arth goldau organ
(Inside, showing Arth Goldau, Switzerland, for July)

Pipe organ Wall Calendar #8

More pipe organs and places where they live

Another organ calendar showing more than just the façade pipes! The cathedrals, halls, churches where these awesome instruments are found throughout the world. The cover shows the organ in the Town Hall in Adelaide, Australia. All images show the organ plus the buildings they are in, and the nearby countryside.

Images included in this range come from: Ely Cathedral, Kinlet Parish Church, Bridlington Priory, Lincoln Cathedral, Exeter Cathedral, and Salisbury Cathedral (all UK); Munich Cathedral, Oberboihingen Parish Church, Altenberg Cathedral (Germany); Arth Goldau (Switzerland); Frombork (Poland); Guelph (Canada). The cover shows the organ in the Town Hall in Adelaide, Australia. All images show the organ plus the buildings they are in, and the nearby countryside.


pipe organ calendar

Winnipeg Westminster organ
(Inside, showing Westminster United organ, Winnipeg, for June)

Pipe Organ Wall Calendar #4

Organs and places where they live

Stunning photos showing not only the main facades of some of the world's loveliest instruments, but the cathedrals and halls where they are housed, as other details around them - and often the console. The ideal gift for the arm-chair traveller organ enthusiast!

Organs featured are:
Chester Cathedral, Holmer Parish Church, Ludlow Parish Church, Temple Church, (all UK), Fulda cathedral, Bamberg Cathedral (Germany), Winnipeg and Boucherville (Canada), St Sulpice (Paris), Menzingen (Switzerland), and St Stephens, Seattle.  Cover shows Cathédrale Saint-Hyacinthe-le-Confesseur, Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec.


pipe organ calendar

Sydney town hall organ
(inside, showing Sydney Town Hall organ for March)

Pipe Organ Wall Calendar #6

Our very first - and very popular - pipe organ calendar

Big or small, old or new, it doesn't matter - the King of Instruments makes a magnificent subject for a beautiful calendar. Images include:

Images include: Christchurch Town Hall, Wellington Town Hall (both NZ); St Anne's Church, Warsaw, Oliwa Cathedral (both Poland); Sydney Town Hall (Australia); Truro Cathedral, Tenbury Parish Church, St Andrew's Hall, Norwich (all UK); Dunblane Cathedral, St Giles Cathedral (both Scotland), Cultural Centre (Hong Kong).

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