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Of delays and delights

Town Hall still waits for insurers to get sorted

It sounds like a bad tongue-twister: "Who ensures the insurers are reinsured?" Three and a half years on from the first of our earthquakes, the Town Hall is still waiting for the claims of Christchurch City Council to be met by its insurers. Nothing surprising in that - you try finding anyone in Christchurch who has received straight-forward, prompt solutions from their insurance companies. But it does mean that the time is ticking by as the buck is passed down the line. Read this weekend's Press article about the convoluted delays that seem so pointless to all of us at the receiving end: "City's insurance aftershocks"
organ CD cover

Competition! Another one!

So many people entered the last competition for Organ Capers that I thought we should have another - and this time, one which might take a little more thought. Put on your poetry muse party hats and write a short poem, ditty, limerick or whatever form you like, and however long you wish, but your lines must incorporate these five words somewhere in the text: "Capers, organ, music, fun, cardboard."
How's that for a challenge? Free entry for anyone, anywhere in the world, but you must email your entries to me no later than June 1st, 2014. The wittiest, or most outstanding poem will earn the writer one of Martin's  "Cardboard Cathedral Organ Capers" CDs. E-mail it to :
Don't forget to include your name, and your postal address. Good luck!
While on the subject of "Cardboard Cathedral Organ Capers", I was delighted to discover that Martin's CD leapt onto the Radio New Zealand Top Ten Classical charts this week at number 7. It's always a warm fuzzy feeling when you know that organ music is holding its own in the ears of the listening public (which conjures up a rather nice mental image ....). So if you are looking to get your copy, it is available from a number of places:

Congratulations Josh!

While still in the great news department, it's hearty congratulations to Joshua Anderson of Timaru, who has just been announced as the first recipient of the Neil Stocker Memorial Award. For details on this award, click this link, and hopefully I will have more info for the next newsletter about how Josh plans to further his organ building career.

From the swell box:

Just two, this time: 
  • Those of you who are already gainfully unemployed will enjoy the joke of this Carmen rendition - and perhaps we could see another version soon featuring a work of Bach's? (Now there's a challenge) : Carmen for Sheddies
  • WhaT's not to like about this enchanting reappearance of Nora, the piano-playing cat in her very own "Catcerto"

Having discovered to my cost that shingles are not just a roof covering, I'm operating a little on half power at the moment. But this is only a temporary glitch. Martin sets out on his travels to the States and Germany very soon, and he loves to catch up with any of you who can get to his concerts. So check out his dates and venues on the concerts page of his website, and see if you can join him along the way!

Until next snoozeletter,
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